Care Package for Nancy

Today the Superheroes made a care package for Nancy, the wonderful woman who delivers our mail with a smile each and every day.  Each child worked hard decorating a flower (made from recycled egg cartons and pipe cleaners.)  A LOT of love and care went into the flower making process.

We thought it would be nice to invite Nancy to lunch one day.  The children helped write a note for our special friend, they of course provided the words and I wrote them on paper.  We decided hot cocoa and some chocolates were necessities in this care package.

After our package seemed complete, we ‘wrapped’ it up.  Although the children wanted to take it to her house (even after I pointed out we did not know where she lived), they settled on adding it to the school’s outgoing mail.

It just so happened that we were in the hallway when Nancy arrived at school today.  The children became very excited and were thrilled to see her joyful response to their surprise.  Three of the children even ran (or shall I say ‘walked very quickly’) down the hall to give her a big hug.  And now, a person we have seen and had contact with, but had not taken much time to talk with, is a good friend receiving some of the city’s biggest hugs.  There may have been snow outside, but the sun sure was shining in the halls of the Community School today.

(A fun side story.  As the children put on their capes today, one child approached me and said, “If I see a bad guy, I won’t fight him.  I will just give him a big hug.”)

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