Celebrating Earth Week

Before the Superheroes of Kindness began their first mission, when they were just becoming excited about the idea and making their first list of missions they would like to accomplish, they knew they wanted to spend some time picking up garbage around the school and making the neighborhood look nice.  And boy howdy, did the Superheroes accomplish that for Earth Day!  For this particular mission, a friend to me and Superhero enthusiast, Ellen, joined in the fun.  In honor of Earth Day, she wore her ‘Mother Earth’ dress.  Yeah Ellen!
 Thursday morning, the children prepared for the silly task of getting dirty in order to make the neighborhood clean.  Each Superhero put on a glove, got out their eagle eyes, and scoured the grass and sidewalk for garbage of any kind.  They barely even noticed the cool wet weather.
In the end, we filled two half garbage sacks.  Considering the small size of most the garbage we found, that was quite a bit!  The children also were able to see  some of our neighbors enjoy the hard work we were putting into our earth day mission.  A couple of  neighbors came out onto their front step after we  cleaned up their front yard, and of course they couldn’thelp but smile and thank the children.  Way to go!

Friday morning the Superheroes set out on a special Earth Day mission.  Some very kind friends to this clan of good-doers have been working very hard to make capes, lots of capes.  The goal has been for an entire classroom to go on a misson together.  (For those who don’t know the school, a classroom consists of two groups of children.)  Thanks to their hard work, both classes from ‘the green room’ were able to join together  for the first time!  With great excitement, all of the children don their capes (those new to the Superhero fun wore great big smiles).  The children made recycled flowers, either decorate pieces of from egg cartons or cutting beautiful calendar scenery into bright new flowers.  As children made their earth day flowers, they attached a note on which were statements from the children on how to help take care of the earth.  In one big clan, the 15 children leaped down to Le Petit, where we left our bouquet of flowers for their customers to enjoy (and hopefully read our suggestions on how to help take care of our earth).  Mission accomplished!
Our Ideas to Help Care for the Earth
by the Green Room Friends
     1. Plant new flowers
     2. More water (for the earth).  Make our earth
     3. Not throw garbage on the ground.
     4. Water plants.
     5. Sweep garbage.
     6. Put garbage in garbage cans instead of the
     7. Make more beautiful stuff on earth day.  Reuse things!
     8. Take (only) a little bit of water from the earth.

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