First Mission of the New School Year

The school year may have just begun, but the Superheroes of Kindness have already embarked on their first mission.  The spirit of kindness has been high, even without doning capes.  Pre-Kindergarten students happily help the youngest three year olds find the bathroom when they are themselves working their way down the hall.  Children in the four year old groups are waving and hugging former teachers and old friends.  New three year olds are happily sharing swings and shovels on the playground.  There is a definite air of kindness.

On Friday, one of the children in the youngest group brought in a treat she had made to share with her class.  The children were so excited, they decided to make a treat to share with the other classes.  Very carefully, each child spread peanut butter on top of a graham cracker.  It took a lot of concentration (and a lot of hand washing) to remember good cooks do not lick their hands or utensils.  Each child prepared five graham crackers (and then I broke them into small pieces).  The final step was putting a chocolate chip on the top of the treat.
The children then put on their capes, for the first time ever.  (This is a new group of children, not only to the superhero idea, but to the school – they had not seen this before.)  We talked about how we felt when our friend brought us a homemade peanut butter ball.  We then talked about how our friends in the school would feel when we brought them our treat.  Very quietly, the Superheroes of Kindness crept through the hall, leaving treats for other classes as those students listened to stories, put shoes on, or drew pictures of their first week at school.
Each group took a moment that afternoon to thank these friends for their kindness.  This has become one of my top memories because these children, the youngest in age and size in the school, sat up tall as the other children thanked them for this unexpected treat.  Without prompt, a couple of them said, “you’re welcome,” back to the fellow students as they showed gratitude.  Adults throughout the school showed smiles as they saw the capes reemerge.
The Superheroes of Kindness are back, with greater force.  Missoula, it is a good time to get your smiles ready.

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