World Kindness Week Reminder

My daughter and I started our celebration of World Kindness Week early.  Here is our act of kindness from yesterday.  Yes, it really is this easy!

When getting ready to leave the grocery store yesterday, we went to a woman we frequent.  This is the woman who a few months ago my daughter whispered to me, “Wow mama, she is beautiful.”  Upon my suggestion that she tell her, my daughter did, and just may have made this lady blush a bit.  Back to yesterday.  My daughter comes up to me in the same fashion as before and whispers, “Mama, she is my favorite grocery buyer of all.”  Once again, I suggested she maybe tell the woman.  My daughter said it quietly and was not heard.  She repeated it a bit louder, but was not heard.  Finally, she said, “Excuse me,” and when the woman heard her and stopped, my little lady said, “You are my favorite grocery girl of all.”  The woman again blushed, thanked my daughter, and said, “And you also think I am beautiful.”  Pretty sure taking a moment to show appreciation to this woman made her day.

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