Making Friends

On the last day of school, the Superheroes of Kindness took to the street for their last mission of the school year.  As usual, this mission started a couple days earlier as the children worked very hard to create the most beautiful cards one has seen.  Throughout the school year, there were a couple of places that the children hit regularly.  One room began to frequent Flor Haven, the site of our second mission ever.  This is an assisted living facility a few blocks from the school.  You may remember this classroom replenishing supplies for Flor Haven during Random Acts of Kindness week.

Another class had began monthly visits to Clark Fork Riverside Manor, a senior community.  This place is located down the river trail and over the bridge, perfect for morning walks.  During these visits the children drew with the residents, made flowers, and performed the classic story, “The Bear Snores On”.  During these visits the children and the residents would socialize while they worked, and each visit ended with high fives or hugs (and of course lots of smiles!)

Neither group of children wanted their friends to feel stranded over the summer.  So each group made a card, one of gigantic proportions, to deliver to their friends.  On the outside were beautiful pictures of flowers and rainbows.  Inside, the children each wrote a note (or shall I say dictated a note for a teacher to write) about what they liked about the regular visits.  It was very sweet to hear the children’s words.
Then, in true last day style, both groups of children caped up in the hall to hit the streets together.  Somewhere around 36 children partnered up and gathered in their line.  Starting on the streets, we walked to Flor Haven.  Now, these drop offs were a little bit of a surprise.  We did not call ahead.  Hoping we did not scare anyone as they saw us approach their door, we wanted to just have a quick drop off, with a thank you, and let our friends feel surprised.  After all, we usually have to call and announce our plans ahead of time.  So, we got to Flor Haven and said, “Surprise!”  Upon handing them the card we told them we were headed to summer and wanted to say thanks for being our friends and that we would love to visit again in the fall.  Now, we wouldn’t stay true to ourselves if we didn’t leave in song, so we did an impromptu, but full of gusto, rendition of “My Home’s in Montana”.  As quick as we arrived, we disappeared down the street on to our next target.

The children did not let anything stop them.  They braved rain, walked the river trail, crossed the bridge over the roaring Clark Fork River, down some stairs, and finally arrived at their destination.  I ran in first so as not to totally startle them as not only were kids coming unexpectedly, but twice as many as usual!  The heads up was given just in the knick of time.  In came all of the children with the card that was as big, if not bigger, than some of them.  We thanked Rose, who was the person who helped coordinate these visits, and presented her with our card.  This time we brought out the song we sing at closing circle each day, “Love Grows”.   When we left, Rose had a smile on her face and promised to share the card with our friends.  And of course she said we could come back in the fall!

As the children made the trek back to school, it was not without some fun and shenanigans.  We celebrated another great year of sharing kindness superhero style by running through our favorite tunnel.  Not once, but twice!  This is one of our very favorite things to do, and always has passer-byers smiling as well.  The Superheroes of Kindness then made it back to the school playground where they took off their capes to play.
Although the school year is over, the Superheroes won’t be resting all the way until fall.  They have a few tricks up their sleeves and will be popping up a couple times during the summer months.  First up will be handing out flowers to finisher of the Missoula 5K, part of the Missoula Marathon weekend.  (Information will be posted on this blog tomorrow for those of you readers who will be in Missoula July 7th and want to join our kindness based mischief.)  In the meantime, enjoy your June and keep bringing smiles to others’ faces!

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