Our Necessity Drive

The Superheroes of Kindness have been ready to get moving ever since the new school year started.  So boy howdy, we did not start small.  We were going to take that ready and raring energy and put it to use.  Through word of mouth we discovered that an organization known as WORD was holding a necessity drive.  The drive was to collect goods (toiletries, baby diapers/wipes, cleaning supplies) to help families who are unable to or need help purchasing those items.  Now, although the ability to show kindness to others, and to help families, was definitely a driving factor, we definitely took note that the collection was happening just down the street from our school.  This had Superhero of Kindness written all over it.  To make the drive seem even more perfect, we had received a donation last spring.  A friend of the heroes, Jolene, had received a gift card to use as she saw fit as part of a Pay It Forward program put on by the Washington Corporation.  Well, loving the Superheroes, she bestowed us with the gift and we were waiting to use it on just the right mission.  And here one fell right into our laps.

Some of the classes took a field trip down to our neighborhood grocery store, and helped the children each pick out one toiletry or baby item to donate.  The discussion before hand was quite fun – I never realized how funny the word toiletry can be!  I did find out the word itself is funny and distracting, but the word said in a very proper voice makes the word funny while not distracting.  Anyway, it was quite the learning experience for myself and the children to figure out what this word was and what we were really getting.  It was easy for us to figure out the why of our giving, after all it goes along with our annual food drive so well.  And of course, we took the opportunity to practice flying.  I mean, a superhero needs to hone up their skills once in a while.

During the week, we also put a note out to all of the families in the school.  For some, this would be a fun return to superhero work.  For others, families who are new to the school, this would be a warm welcome to the rank of superhero.  For all, it was a reminder of why intentionally teaching our children compassion and intentionally experience moments in which we share compassion alongside our children is so very important.  Throughout the week, items trickled in either from families or small group field trips to the store.

Finally, the day came.  Delivery day.  Many children from the school were eagerly awaiting the ceremonious putting on of the capes.  Some children brought their very own superhero capes from home, proudly announcing that fact.  Smiles were found everywhere.  And the parents.  Oh boy, the parents.  As excited as their children, so many parents jumped on the chance to join our end of the day mission.  Watching this group, a true community in every sense of the word, gather just for the sake of showing kindness.  Well, my heart was overwhelmed with joy.  And I haven’t even mentioned all that we were bringing along!  These families, in a very quiet but deliberate way, provided enough supplies that we filled five wagons(!), and had two big boxes to try to put on top of the wagons.  It was unbelievable!

 As the Superheroes of Kindness took to the streets, there was a sea of smiles.  Some coming from us, some from our friends throughout the town that never fail to share a big smile or friendly wave.  We did  have to split into to groups to cross the busiest road, using the red light to tell us when to break.  Safety first!  When we finally arrived at the Food Farm, we towed our wagons to the tables and started unloading.  Each child took turns with a different wagon.  During the week the children sorted the items trying to go that kindess extra mile.  They did not want their work to come undone.  The friendly drive runners were willing to let us show up a little earlier than they had advertised their start so that we could make sure the children had a chance to follow through and finish their act of kindness.  In the end, you could feel the energy transfer onto the drive runners, leaving them with a little extra luck to go along with the goods.

Throughout the last week many people have come up to me when out in the town to tell me they ‘sneaked a glimpse’ at some capes and let us know they were so happy to see the superheroes geared up for another year of kindness spreading.  We are so happy to be called into action, and so happy to call this fine town our home

Goooooo kindness!!

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