Our Mindful Moments

This year has been filled with so much love, laughter and learning. Our Mindfulness and Movement lessons have been a mix of some of our favorite lessons from last year, as well as some new ones! At the beginning of the year we focus a great deal on connecting with the breath and discussing what mindfulness means. Once students start to get a solid understanding of how we are going to be spending our time during our Mindfulness and Movement lessons, we start to move on to other important topics.

We learn how to recognize our feelings and learn different ways to take care of ourselves depending on how we feel. We want children to know that all of our feelings are ok and that there is no such thing as a ‘bad feeling’, just feelings that don’t feel as good as others. Some of the techniques we discuss for handling those more difficult feelings include Turtle Time (tucking down like a turtle and taking at least three slow breaths), Rocket Breaths, going to the Space Place, taking a drink of water and deep breathing. We help the children begin to recognize the feelings they have (and learn the vocabulary to express them), as well as helping them learn to recognize how others are feeling.

We put a lot of emphasis on showing love and kindness to all living things. Not only do we want to show others love and kindness, but it’s important to show ourselves love too. We spend time discussing how beautiful it is that we are all so uniquely different and good at different things, but that we all have a heart with feelings too. We focus on helping children recognize their own strengths, as well as the strengths of others through building a community with their peers and working together. We connect with our bodies through the movement lessons we do. We do a lot of yoga, dancing, stretching and obstacle courses. We spend time thanking the different parts of our bodies for helping us do all the amazing things we can do! We also try to help students connect with their community, nature and people around the world through stories, discussions and music. These lessons are so much fun to teach, and such an important part of our school. I am so thankful and proud to be a part of a school that puts such an emphasis on mindfulness, love and kindness. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of what we’ve been learning this year through our Mindfulness and Movement lessons. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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