Mindfulness and Movement Update September 11, 2015

Welcome to a new school year at Missoula Community School! Our first couple weeks of Mindfulness and Movement have been wonderful! Students come into the Aqua Room on Friday mornings (which holds a three year old class Monday-Thursday) for half hour lessons with their small groups. Students who are not here on Fridays get the lessons from their teachers during the week. Throughout the year we will discuss the bell, breathing, our feelings and the importance of showing love for ourselves, others, and the world around us. We also include an element of movement into most lessons too, whether it’s yoga, a movement course, going for a walk or dancing.

Our lesson last week focused on the bell. The bell is used in every classroom throughout the day. Students were introduced to the bell and we discussed what to do when we hear it. We stop, look up at the person who rang the bell, and take a deep breath. Our lesson included a couple games with the bell that the students really enjoyed. A great first day with everyone!

This week, we focused on our breathing. We discussed how our bodies are like the ocean in that we are constantly moving. The way the waves are constant, our breath is constant too. Sometimes calm, sometimes wild. The difference is that we can control our breath in a way the ocean can’t. Students were shown a jar that represented the ocean and we discussed times when our bodies felt calm (sleeping, reading stories) and when we felt wild (parties, when we’re mad). When we feel wild, our minds and breath are like the ocean during a storm (we shook the jar). We can take deep breaths to help calm ourselves down. Next, students were asked to lay down in the classroom and were given an ocean treasure (starfish, seashell) to put on their stomachs. We listened to music and felt the treasure rising and falling on our stomachs like boats on the ocean riding the waves. It was so much fun watching everyone!

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