Safe Bodies and Being Thankful

Our last mindfulness lesson we focused on having a safe body and learning how to control our movements. We read the book ‘I See Kindness Everywhere’ and played three movement games. The first game was passing a spoon around with a marble on it trying to be so calm that the marble wouldn’t fall off. The second game we used Gentle George (a stuffed green monster) and passed him around the circle using just our elbows. For the third game we laid on our backs and passed around a balloon using our feet. We discussed how important it is to be kind others and to use our bodies in a safe way.

This week’s mindfulness lesson focused on thankfulness. We read the book ‘Giving Thanks’ that discusses all the things the Earth provides for us and how much we have to be thankful for in nature. Next we shared what we were most thankful for and their responses were written on a paper that will be hung up in each classroom. Lastly we thanked the different parts of our bodies and all the things we can do because of them (feet for walking, running, jumping etc). After we discussed how amazing our bodies are we had a dance party!

Our mindful minute for this week is: Before going to bed each night, share with your family one thing you are thankful for. Practice gratitude

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