Expressing Yourself

Last week in Mindfulness and Movement Julia was absent and Gerri filled in! Classes spent time doing Brain Gym movements and talking about peace! Gerri then read ‘The Peace Book’ by Todd Parr and discussed what peace is. What does peace look like, sound like, and feel like? Everyone had a lot of fun doing Mindfulness and Movement with Gerri, and I’m so happy she was able to fill in!

This week we read the book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and discussed how we are all good at different things. Isn’t it beautiful that we all have different strengths and talents and that we can count on one another to help us with things that we’re not good at, and that we can help others with what we are good at. I wanted children to remember that they are valuable and important. Following the story and discussion we did a freeze dance/movement activity where each child was given a scarf to dance with. There was one blue scarf that I would trade out with each child’s scarf and when the music stopped, whoever had the blue scarf would share something they are good at with the class. They could share something they love doing or something that makes them feel proud. It was really sweet listening to what everyone shared!

Mindful Moment- This week we discussed how dancing and art are both forms of expression, and that there is no such thing as good or bad when it comes to creatively expressing yourself. Take a moment in the next week to either create some art as a family or have an impromptu dance party. Have fun and express yourselves! 🙂

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