Anh’s Anger and The Skin We Are In

Last week in Mindfulness and Movement we read the book ‘Anh’s Anger’ and discussed different ways we can take care of our anger. It’s a wonderful story that describes anger as a creature who makes you say and do mean things to people you love, but if you take care of your anger by breathing, sitting, taking some space etc, your anger will get smaller and smaller until it goes away. I demonstrated this by using a balloon that represented anger. As I blew the balloon up I pretended to get more and more angry with each breath. Once it was full, we discussed how if I don’t take care of my anger, I don’t have control over it (I let it go and it flew across the room). If I take care of my anger and take some space and some deep breaths, the anger gets smaller until it goes away (I slowly let the air out of the balloon as I took deep breaths). It’s ok to feel angry, we just want to learn how to take care of it.


This week we discussed Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was a wonderful man who worked very hard to make sure that all people treated each other with love, kindness and respect. We don’t have school Monday because every year around his birthday, we take a day to honor him and the remarkable man he was. We read the book ‘The Skin You Live In’ and talked about the many ways we are different, and the many ways we are the same. We talked about all the amazing things our skin does for our body and how beautiful it is that we are all unique and different, and just the same too. We all have a heart with feelings, an incredible brain and body, we all have people we love in our lives, and we all need food, water and sleep to survive. Every child went home with a little heart drawn on them to remind them to love the skin they’re in and to love others. It was a wonderful circle.


Mindful Moment-

Ask your child to show you some of the different ways you can take care of your anger and other big feelings (take deep breaths, Turtle Time, take some space, drink some water).


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