Expectations and Using a Mindfulness Jar

Last week in Mindfulness and Movement we addressed our MCS expectations. We had a discussion about rules, and what they are and why we have them. We agreed that rules help teach us what we should and should not do, and they are mostly in place to keep us safe both physically and emotionally. We talked about our expectations at Missoula Community School to help us remember to ‘be kind, be safe, and be respectful’. We are all teachers here, and we can help each other remember to be kind, safe, and respectful.

This week in Mindfulness and Movement we read the book “Moody Cow Meditates”. The story is about a cow who has an awful day, and his grandfather comes over to show him how a ‘mind jar’ works. For every angry/negative thought he has, he puts a pinch of glitter into a jar of water that represents his mind. They close the jar and shake it up to show how our minds can be full of negative thoughts sometimes, but that if we sit and breathe and watch the glitter fall to the bottom, our minds calm down too and we start to feel better!

Mindful Moment-

Create your own ‘Mind Jar’ at home. Fill any jar with a lid with water and add some glitter to it (I put a little water color in mine too for color). Seal the jar and shake it. Watch what happens when you sit and watch the jar while taking deep breaths. As the glitter slows down and settles to the bottom, our minds are able to calm down as well. It’s a wonderful tool for self soothing during times when we’re feeling difficult emotions.

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