Peace, Community, and Taking Deep Breaths

Our last Mindfulness and Movement lesson we focused on peace and community. We discussed what the word ‘peace’ means, and what we all think of when we hear the word peace. Then, we worked together with kindness and respect to find hidden puzzle pieces that were hidden all over in the classroom. Students brought them to the grey carpet and worked together to put the puzzle back together. It was great watching them work together and communicate with one another to complete the task!

This week in Mindfulness and Movement we focused on breath control. We discussed how helpful it is to take deep breaths when we’re upset. Students then practiced taking deep breaths and shallow breaths, loud breaths and quiet breaths, fast breaths and slow breaths, and finally holding our breath. We then played a game where we focused on controlling our breath by using a straw and a puffball trying to blow the puffball on a zig-zag tape track on the floor. We then learned how to take ‘feather breaths’. We practiced breathing in through our nose, and out through our mouths blowing the feather. They did a great job and we had a lot of fun!

Mindful Moment-

Pick an activity at home you can complete together, perhaps cooking a meal or a group art project. Discuss how communities can be both large or small, but that it’s important to always show each other love and kindness and communicate our thoughts and feelings in a respectful way! 🙂

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