Thank you, Little Cloud and Earth Day

The week before parent-teacher conferences students got together with Julia to put together a gift for the teachers. Teachers got an unexpected thirty minute break to go get coffee, go for a walk, work on portfolios, or just choose a way to spend that time that felt good to them. Each student was given a card and an envelope to color and dictated something kind and loving to give to their teachers. They were bundled together with a ribbon and given to teachers upon their return as a ‘Thank you for being wonderful’ gift.

Last week in Mindfulness and Movement we read the book Little Cloud and discussed how we are all good at different things. Everyone has something to offer and everyone is a teacher. We talked about how beautiful is that we all have our own strengths and how important it is to support one another and treat each other with love and kindness. Each child was given a little cloud (cotton ball) to remind them to love themselves for who they are.

This week in M&M we celebrated Earth Day. We talked about how amazing our earth is and why it’s so important to take good care of it and everything living on it. We read the book ‘Wherever You Are’ by Mem Fox and painted Earth with watercolor on coffee filters. At the center of the earth there is a red heart drawn on it to remind ourselves to ‘love every living thing’.

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