It’s OK to Make Mistakes and Mindful Movements

This weeks mindfulness we talked about mistakes: what is a mistake, who makes mistakes, what we can do when we make mistakes.  We read the book It’s Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr.  The book gives lots of examples of different mistakes, and what you can do to solve the problem.  We brainstormed what mistakes us or people we know have made, and reflected on what we did after or could do in the future to correct our mistakes.  A big key point that we continued to come back to is that everyone makes mistakes and to be kind to ourselves and others when mistakes are made.
After reading I challenged the kids to three careful movement games where mistakes were bound to happen.  The first game we balanced a marble on a spoon and passed the spoon to the friend next to us.  The challenge was to get the marble and spoon all the way around the circle without the marble falling.  If the marble fell… it was okay!  Kids found that it was easy to put the marble back on and encourage their peers to try again.  The second game we laid on our backs with our feet in the air and passed a balloon around the circle with just our legs.  The third game we passed a stuffed animal around the circle, only using our elbows to grab the stuffed animal.  Each of these games required focus and gently movements to pass the items to their neighbor in a safe way.
Mindfulness at Home
Talk about mistakes!  To err is human.  Anytime you make a mistake point feel free to point it out in a carefree fashion, and then follow up with a solution or brainstorm solutions!  It’s such a simple way to teach that trial and error is one of the many ways we learn.
Mindful movement games – be creative and invent games that require careful movement and close body contact.  You not only have to be aware of the object that you are transferring, but where you are in space compared to your neighbor.  Think of unconventional ways to use your body to transfer items.  Another fun game is to try and transfer an orange (or an object of similar size and shape) to another person by squeezing it under your chin, and passing it to the other person so they can grab it with their neck and chin.

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