Little Clouds and Gratitude Rocks

Last week’s mindfulness we read a short but sweet story by Eric Carle, called Little Cloud.  In the story a small cloud breaks away from the other clouds to change into some different things.  Little cloud is then beckoned by the other clouds to come join them.  Little cloud rejoins the other clouds, and together they rain!  After reading the book we had a discussion on what little cloud was good at.  Everyone agreed that little cloud was great at changing into different things.  We then talked about what happened when little cloud rejoined the group of clouds… it rained!  I asked the kids why rain is important, and many replied that it helps plants grow, and that people and animals need water to be healthy.  We used this story as a metaphor for our school and our community.  I brought our our own MCS cloud (which was actually a mass of cottonballs) and told the kids that just like little cloud they were all great at different things.  When we all bring our gifts and talents together we achieve great things and help each other grow!  I went around the circle and asked each kid to think about what they were really good at, and then gave them a piece of our MCS cloud to remember that they are skilled individuals who help each other grow when we work together.  We ended this circle by doing some yoga!  We used the book The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids as a guide, and used the first letter of our names to pick the yoga poses.

Mindfulness at Home

Talk about the things that you are good at, and how your talents help your friends, family, and community.  It’s empowering to know that we are a part of something much bigger, and that it is our skills together that make up our healthy, functioning community.

This week’s mindfulness lesson we read the book I See Kindness Everywhere and talked about what it means to have a gratitude attitude.  The story gives thanks to different people from farmers to sock makers, and highlights the idea that we are all connected because the of the kind things that we do for each other.  At the end of the story we decorated gratitude rocks to take home.  The rocks can be to keep, or to give to a loved one.  They are a simple and beautiful reminder that we have so much to be grateful for in our lives.

Mindfulness at Home

When practicing gratitude by finding specific things you are thankful for, it can be fun to have your own special items to turn into a thankful item.  Whether it be a rock that you decorate on your own, or an item that brings you joy, it can sometimes help to have an item you love to help stir up feelings of thanks.

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