Kindness and Diversity

Last weeks mindfulness we talked about kindness, and the little ways we can give gifts of kindness to others.  Kindness can be as grand as making a special breakfast for someone, or as simple as just listening to a friend.  We read a book called Acting with Kindness that showed many different examples of real people doing kind things for others.  Then we went to work to put some kindness into action!  I had three different stations set out where kids could make a kindness creation to give away.  The catch was that they didn’t know who their present was going to!  At the end of mindfulness all of the classes came together to exchange presents with another person who had their matching symbol.  Friends were a little unsure at first at giving away their beautiful creation to a random person rather than their loved one of choice. Once we were all together and exchanges were made, uncertainties melted away and were replaced with feelings of happiness.  When I asked the group how they were feeling after the exchange kids cheered and said good!

Mindfulness at Home

Any time is a good time to give gifts to neighbors or people in the community.  Pictures, cookies, homemade jewelry, you name it!  It’s easy to give presents to loved ones, so maybe try and challenge yourself and your kids to make a donation or present for someone you are less familiar with.  I have fond memories of getting cupcakes from my new neighbors when I was fresh to my neighborhood.

This week in mindfulness we had the pleasure of having a young man named Jess come teach us some of his native Blackfoot language.  Friends had to be mindful listeners to recognize some of the different words and repeat and respond to them.  Jess brought in a few items in his magic bag, and had some animal friends sing counting songs with us.  At the end of the lesson the kids were asked to draw a picture of one of the things that was the most memorable during the lesson.

Mindfulness at Home

Talk about different cultures and languages!  Part of being mindful is the awareness that people look, act, and communicate in so many different ways.  It’s a great way to celebrate our humanity by recognizing and learning about our differences in a non biased way.

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