Today in Mindfulness we went outside for a 5-4-3-2-1 Mindful Scavenger Hunt!  The goal was to see five different things, touch four different things, hear three, smell two, and then come to me for one taste!  Connecting with your senses stimulates different areas of the brain’s prefrontal cortex and can help change the connections between the amygdala (fight, flight, freeze center) and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest center).  When this happens our heart rate drops, breathing slows, and our blood pressure falls.  The best part of this activity is that it can be done anywhere!  In the car, at dinner table, on an airplane, or in the classroom.  When feeling anxious, upset, or scatter-brained this activity can help connect with your body and get you “out of your head”.


Previous weeks in Mindfulness the buzz has been all about Spring!  The Friday before Spring break we read the book And Then It’s Spring, by Julie Fogliano, and talked about what is happening to our Earth when spring arrives.   Then we went for a short walk to look for signs of spring!  We saw crocuses blooming, worm castings, slugs and ants under rocks, patches of green grass next to dead grass, heard birds chirping, and felt the warm sunshine on our faces.

Mindfulness at Home

Go on your own spring walk with your family!  Slowly down and paying attention to the changing seasons is meditative and exciting at the same time.  One family shared with me that when the weather is warmer and wet they like to go on “worm walks” to find all worms that surface.

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