Fall Outside Games

Hello friends!

 Today we went outside for mindfulness and engaged in some autumn games and exploration!  I had four mindful games set up in the front lawn that helped foster gross motor development and attention focus.  The first game was leafy hide and seek. In two baskets I had some paint swatches and it was our job to find leaves of the same color.  When we looked closely and compared the leaves to the paint swatches we realized that they were more than just one color of orange, reds, or yellows.  The leaves were a wide range of maroons, tangerine, tan, peach, crimsons, and so much more.

 A plus side to this season’s early chill in the air is frost!  The ground was covered in a beautiful, delicate frost this morning.  The kids were armed with magnifying glasses so they could get a closer look at the crystalline frost on the leaves and grass.

 Another game available for the kids was pumpkin road!  There was an assortment of pumpkins in the front lawn for the kids to carry carefully while balancing on a rope laid on the ground.  This game is a variation of a walking meditation. The challenge is to walk slowly, and carefully attempting to touch both heels and toes of your feet on the rope.

 With the abundance of apples left over from apple day we incorporated them in a mindful balancing game!  Only using a large spoon, the kids had to scoop up the apples and carry them across the lawn from one basket to another.  If you were really good with one, you could try carrying two at a time!

 We learned a new way to take a breath that helps strengthen our torso muscles and diaphragm… a hot chocolate breath!  We all pretended that we had hot chocolate with the most delicious goodies inside. The hot chocolate is too hot to drink though, so we smell our hot chocolate and then say “It’s ha-ha-ha-ha- hot!” letting out our breath in small controlled bursts with each ha.  After doing that several times we take in a big slow breath, then blow on our hot chocolate slowly to cool it off. Now it’s ready to sip!

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