Yoga on the Farm

Yoga on the Farm

  With the chilly weather outside we’ve all been craving more big body movement!  For Mindful Friday on January 24th we went upstairs for a special yoga day!  We read the story On the Farm, by David Elliot and incorporated a different yoga pose for each animal!  We arched our backs and crowed like roosters, wagged our tails and woofed in downward dog for the playful farm dog, twisted our bodies like a curly pigs tail, bucked and whinnied like ponies, took some restful breaths in turtle pose, and much more!  At the end of yoga we stretched out, said thank you to our bodies, and imagined the warm farm sunshine on our skin!

Mindfulness at Home

  What’s your favorite animal?  Kids love acting and pretending to be animals.  You can make up your own yoga, movement, or stretch pose to go with any kind of animal.  Let your kids make up their own yoga poses!  You might be surprised what they come up with. 🙂

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