Missoula Community School

Category: Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Movement

Welcome back everyone! ūüôā ¬†Some of you are returning for another wonderful year at MCS, and some of you may be new to our community, either way, we’re so¬†glad you’re here! As the new Mindfulness Coordinator, I feel very fortunate…

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Self-Regulation Comes From Inside

One goal for all children is to help them learn self-regulation skills. ¬†This is true whether you are a teacher (of any age) or parent. ¬†Whether working with my classroom or with my own daughter, my self-regulation goals are two…

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Inviting the Bell

Our first mindfulness lesson was quite fun. ¬†The children are used to hearing the sound of the mindfulness bell. ¬†They have also been working on what to do when you hear the bell. ¬†(Stop what you are doing, take a…

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Big Emotions and Anger

We all can feel a wide range of emotions, and at times they can feel quite large. ¬†Sometimes, ¬†big emotions can even make us feel scared. ¬†This could be due to responses we have, for example throwing something down when…

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