Spring 2020 Home Fun!

Hi friends!  As we continue to hunker down at home with our families, we want you to know we miss you!  Community is such a strong part of our school.  Our goal here is to continue to provide community even while we cannot be together.  We at MCS do believe time with your family, time taking care of yourself, and time to give you and your family space is the most important thing you can do right now.  (Which means lots of play for our MCS kids!)  We also want to still be a part of your lives, and want to bring support that you may find helpful.  Here are resources, videos, activities… all sorts of things we have gathered!  Each day we will strive to have new content on our MCS YouTube Channel for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Your classrooms will continue to hold weekly circles, with Brooke and others adding some fun ‘extra’ circles.  Our amazing staff continues to come up with great ideas, so you will want to check regularly to see what new crazy idea this team has come up with, and made happen, just for you!  Enjoy 🙂


Each week we will present a challenge.  Do it for fun if you want.  Share a picture with us if you like as well – our staff loves seeing these.  Let us know if we have the ok to share here, as well.

Challenge 1 -It may be cold and snowy outside, but if you try this activity you can find us together on a sunny MCS playground.  I received these two beautiful pictures in my mailbox this week. I found that if you look at the pictures while taking three deep breaths, and then close your eyes (and put on a smile), you can picture us together on the playground with the sun shining and a rainbow over Mt. Sentinel. Try it!  When you are done, I encourage you to draw the image you saw in your mind. Have your parents (or an older sibling) record your words. 


Our friend Lacey took us up on our challenge and sent this: 


Our friend Owen W. took us up on our challenge and sent this: “This is me on our playground with my friends. It’s sunny and you can see Mount Sentinel. We are all smiling and happy.”

owen w

Challenge 2 – Fort Making!  Build a fort, inside or outside, to enjoy with your family

We received some fun photos and/or stories of forts.  Looks like you all had fun!  We may do this challenge in my house this week, making a dog fort.

Challenge 3 – Pizza Day Challenge!  Watch the pizza day video below.  Then, work with your family to bring a meal (or a snack) to the table.  The video will help you think about all the steps that go into making a meal together.  (And, you will smile as you watch your teachers bring pizza day to you from afar.)

Challenge 4 – Superhero of Kindness Challenge! Make a picture to thank our mail man. He is coming by the school everyday to make sure we get important mail and to take important mail.  He has an important job.  We would like to decorate the door with images of thanks for him.  You can mail a picture to the school (239 S 5th St. W) or take a picture an email it to Kristal.  We will print color pictures and hang them up to say thank you!

Challenge 2 – Hi families!  Next week, May 4th – May 8th, is Teacher appreciation week.   I would love for you to help me celebrate our teachers!  Many of you have reached out showing appreciation for our staff keeping you connected in what ways they/we can. Please send kind words for our entire staff.  You can send just an email (I’ll add those words), a picture of words similar to the birthday words, or a video.  We have a staff meeting every Monday at 1pm, and I would love to share a video to the whole staff of your appreciation for them at that time next week.  You of course can send words directly to your child’s teacher, as well.  But this seemed a fun way to celebrate our entire staff this year, in lieu of our normal in school festivities.  Thanks for your help!  I would appreciate the words by 5pm Sunday night (May 3rd) so I can get them together for staff.  Email your contribution to k r i s t a l @ m i s s o u l a c o m m u n i t y s c h o o l . o r g   Hope you all are doing well – cheers, Kristal

Fun YouTube Videos

Check out the MCS YouTube channel.  New videos are added regularly.

We have videos of Lesa and Bowser reading a book together, the staff sending you a hello, different teachers reading books and/or singing songs, and our pizza day video!  There is even one on how to make a space place basket for yourself.  Enjoy!

MCS Pet Updates

Athos, Porthos, and Thorn miss you all greatly!  They have proven to be a bit mischievous in the empty school.  We will update you on their shenanigans weekly.

       Athos and Porthos joined the fort challenge!

         Athos and Porthos held a birthday circle for Thorn!


Thorn, Athos, and Porthos are at it again. This time they decided to work together to draw this lovely picture of themselves enjoying the sunshine.

Thorn decided it was time to do some balance work. His good friends Athos and Porthos were right beside him, making sure he had the most superb support. Do you think Thorn felt proud?


We will update the website weekly with anything new.  We know you don’t all use Facebook and appreciate your understanding as we used that as our sharing means until we could get this page going.  Our Facebook page will be updated daily with the new videos that are up.  We also have a private group, Some Light in the Dark, to help you all connect together and find some joy.  We will do some Facebook Live events for times that it seems that is our best source (it is easier for two staff to ‘play’ together here than ZOOM for some activities.)

Weekly What’s Up!

Been wondering what friends have been doing? Made a really cool fort and want to show it off? Made a really pretty drawing and want to show friends? Or maybe you just want to share any fun picture from the week. Here is a place to do all of that! Each week we’ll post a collage of pictures that friends share throughout the week. Just click on the date you want to see and it will take you to the collage. If you would like to share a picture of what you have been doing email it to Kristal with a little description of what it is and we will add it to the collage.

Fun things to try at home!

“Just for Fun” Videos

Dr. Suess Books read in a most unique manner. Wes has several Dr. Suess stories out there, check them out! This is our favorite.

Bill Harley Live concerts! Click on the link to access his free concerts live on facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am. You can also access his previous concerts here as well.

Join Bri and two children as they show you around Tokyo and sing a song.

Enjoy some counting as well as seeing different things around San Francisco!

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