Mindful Fridays

MCS has already incorporated many mindfulness practices into our daily routines, practices, and approaches within the school. Along with these practices that are already a part of the school’s routines and traditions, children participate in one intentional mindful lesson per week. Friday mornings, each small group has an opportunity to spend a half hour with our mindfulness and movement coordinator.  Stepping away from their classroom and entering the mindfulness and movement classroom (the cozy classroom), take a deep breath, and hone the skills of focus, self-control, self-regulation and compassion.  Children practice feather breaths and rocket breaths, learn about Tuck the Turtle who is learning to be less reactive, learn about how feelings look/feel, and so much more.  Teachers bring the lessons and the lesson objectives to their Tuesday/Thursday children.

To find out more of what children are learning, check out our monthly blog update.  If you would like discover ways you can support these valuable lessons at home, check out our mindfulness at home page.  For more resources or list of local mindful based events and activities, check out our events and resources page.

This lesson will work to intentionally address the skills that develop the above listed benefits.  Parents will be provided opportunities to learn how to foster these skills at home through a parent workshop/discussion group and regular communication as to what we are learning in the classroom. This is a page for an explanation of Mindful Fridays.