Annual Events

Over the years, a variety of annual events that are special at Community School have evolved. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to enjoy a good ol’ MCS style celebration! These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Family Fix Up day (August)
Each year, the weekend before school starts, parents and friends gather to help us spruce up our playground and school. Together, families clean up the playground, spread sand/wood-chips, garden, wash/paint walls, clean windows, fix up odds and ends, and of course meet new families! It is a great way for you and your child to begin their MCS experience, or to return to another year at MCS. You can find the date and time of an individual year’s fix up day on the calendar.

Parent Meeting (August)
The staff and board of the community school value openness and thoroughness in communication.  It is our hope that all members of thee MCS community feel connected to what is happening at school. Parents and families share the responsibility of becoming and remaining informed of policies, events, schedules, and other important items. The week before school begins, the school holds a parent meeting to help families stay informed, learn new information, meet with your child’s teacher and meet some parents of your child’s classmates. No children at this meeting, please. You can find the date and time of an individual year’s parent meeting on the calendar.

Early Visits (August)
The first days of school are exciting, busy and new. Early Visit Days, the two days before the first day of school, are a great opportunity for children, parents and teachers to meet, explore the school, and begin the new school year in a calm, relaxed, and gentle way. Parents schedule a time for their child to visit by calling the school. Scheduled visits limit the number of adults and children in the school at a time, maintain a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and allow for more opportunity for children and teachers to connect. The director will also be present during these times to answer questions and receive paperwork.

Beginning of Year Picnic (September)
Scheduled during the first few weeks of school, this picnic is a time for you and your family to hang out with and get to know other MCS families. It is a great chance to see old friends and meet new ones. Families provide food, plates, utensils, cups for their own family – it is picnic not potluck style. You can find the date and time of an individual year’s picnic on the calendar. The location will be announced and posted at school and in parent emails.

Apple Day (October)
A favorite fall celebration, Apple Day celebrates the apple crop and community in style!  Children rotate from a variety of activities that usually include apple pressing, apple story reading by Annie Gard, apple art, apple baking, apple craziness like apple bowling, and of course an apple snack hopefully with music! We call on parents to help make this fun tradition happen, and it always is a successful, fun day!

Open School Night (October)
After the first six weeks of school, when the children have created bonds, friendships, and feel comfortable enough in the school to be leaders, we invite families to open school night. Scheduled in October, this is an after hours event in which children show their parents around the classroom. Teachers provide a ‘treasure hunt’ of things to discover with your family (journal entry, favorite area of the room, do a project, visit another classroom). Children lead their families through the school environment and the evening ends with an all school closing circle, complete with our closing song.

Fall Wine and Coffee Raffle (November)
Find this event on our Fundraising page.

Annual Year End Letter (December)
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Superhero of Kindness Birthday Food Drive (December)
The Superheroes of Kindness celebrate their birthday in December, and boy howdy do they do it in style! Children host a food drive, with donations benefiting our neighborhood Food Bank.  Children help decorate boxes and create signs for the hallway. Teachers take children to our neighborhood grocery store to select some of their favorite items to donate. Neighbors are invited to join; children leave grocery bags to be filled with a colorful note, and return to pick up any donations at a later date.  Families are encouraged to participate together bringing food from their pantry. The day of the drive, the entire school capes up and walks wagons full of food to the food bank. In the first year, the donation was around 300 pounds- and now they have increased their donation (in 2014) to slightly over 800 pounds!

End of Year Teacher Giving (December)
As the Christmas Holiday approaches, families often have questions about the giving of gifts to teachers. Is it ok even though the school does not celebrate holidays? Are other parents going to give gifts? Traditionally, MCS parents have foregone giving individual presents to our beloved professionals and instead have contributed to a pool of money to be divided among those who care so lovingly for our children throughout the year. Parents will be informed of when this collection is happening. They are invited to participate if they would like to.

Winter Potluck (January)
January finds us needing a warm meal and friends. The school holds a family winter potluck in the fellowship hall. Families bring a dish to share; we post a sign up sheet in advance in hopes of getting a variety of food types. Sometimes a closing activity is presented. It’s always enjoyable sitting, eating, sharing with our school friends.

Random Acts of Kindness Week
February holds National Random Acts of Kindness Week (RAK). MCS uses this week to perform Superhero of Kindness missions in hyper drive.  Each classroom performs a RAK varying from small to large. To find the exact dates of RAK week, look at our calendar page. Your child’s teacher will keep you informed as to what their specific mission is as the dates approach.

Earth Day (April)
A parent vision, Earth Day is a celebration of all things good on this earth. Children rotate from a variety of activities.

Spring Silent Auction (April)
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Presentation Night (May)
A highlight of the school year, presentation night is a night for your children to shine!  The weeks leading up to presentation night, children help write a story, create costumes, build a set, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The evening of presentation night, families are invited to join us in the fellowship hall while all the children at the school present their classroom plays.  It is a performance like no other, and not one to miss!  The exact date and time of presentation night can be found on the calendar after it is set.

Spring Yard Sale (May)
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Give Local Missoula (May)
Find this event on our Fundraising page.

Bike Rodeo (May/June)
Held on a Monday towards the end of the year, the bike rodeo takes over the church parking lot allowing the children to participate in bike rotations. Typically the rotations include swerving around cones, stopping and starting, and riding between the lines. Children bring their bikes and helmets to school and classes take turns on the rodeo course. The school locks up the bikes after the rodeo until the end of the day.

End of Year Picnic (June)
Scheduled during the last week of school, this picnic is a time for you and your family to hang out with and say goodbye to the school year. Families provide food, plates, utensils, cups for their own family – it is picnic not potluck style. You can find the date and time of an individual year’s picnic on the calendar. The location will be announced and posted at school and in parent emails.

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