Current (2016-2017) school year: Please call the office for the latest information. There are often small fluctuations in enrollment due to families moving, changing jobs, starting a new semester at the university, and so forth. General information for the 2017-2018 School…



Our school is fortunate to have current and past teachers on staff who practice mindfulness and who have brought this philosophy into their classrooms. This shines through in daily routines, practices and approaches, including the use of the mindfulness bell,…



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Thankfuls and Mindful Body Movements

Hi friends! Mindfulness has been a bit spread out this past month with conferences and Thanksgiving, but everyone has been extra excited to participate on the days we are in school! The Friday before Thanksgiving break we talked about what…

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Big Emotions

Happy Friday Friends! The kids loved yoga so much that last week I decided to do another yoga story.  Last week’s story was about eagle, and what he does throughout his busy day.  I challenged the kids with a few…

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Turtle Time with Tuck

This week in mindfulness we got our bodies moving with some yoga and dancing!  We started mindfulness by ringing the bell, and then I talked a little about how we were going to use our whole bodies to tell a…

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