Current (2018-2019) School Year: We currently have limited open positions for the 2018-2019 school year. Open positions include: 3/4 year old mixed age classroom (some schedule flexibility, 2-5 days per week) PreK (Mon/Wed/Fri, Monday through Friday, 4 day options as well)…


Our school is fortunate to have current and past teachers on staff who practice mindfulness and who have brought this philosophy into their classrooms. This shines through in daily routines, practices and approaches, including the use of the mindfulness bell,…


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Mindful Walking and Manners

Mindful Walking Last week we read another book about Ahn, and how he takes care of his anger.  In the story Steps and Stones, by Gail Silver, Ahn finds himself sad and then very angry when his friends choose not to…

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Mindful Movements

  With the chilly weather rolling in, we have been incorporating more movement into our Fridays to help with the wiggles!    Last week we tickled our sense of touch by playing Mystery box!  I put an assortment of items…

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The last two weeks of Mindfulness have been all about feelings!  Last week we read The Way I Feel, by Janan Cain.  The book describes an array of emotions: silly, scared, happy, sad, angry, jealous, bored, disappointed, shy, frustrated, excited, and proud. …

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