A Missoula Community School representative will reach out and return enrollment inquiries every Wednesday. Enrollment Information for the 2019-2020 School Year: Our school year begins Wednesday, August 28th, 2019. We still have a couple of openings: Full Time PreK (must…


Our school is fortunate to have current and past teachers on staff who practice mindfulness and who have brought this philosophy into their classrooms. This shines through in daily routines, practices and approaches, including the use of the mindfulness bell,…


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Fall Outside Games

Hello friends!  Today we went outside for mindfulness and engaged in some autumn games and exploration!  I had four mindful games set up in the front lawn that helped foster gross motor development and attention focus.  The first game was…

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Anger Dragon Breaths

Hello friends! Today in Mindfulness we talked about our anger, and what to do when our bodies are not being safe while angry. We also had a lot of discussion on what our faces and bodies look like when we…

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Fall Senses!

Mindfulness at Home Fall walks are a wonderful way to soak in the changing of the season.  Make it a game and see how many signs of fall you can find!  Maybe you see a squirrel gathering things to munch on,…

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